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Trės bon jeu passe d agrėables moments

Criminal case

It’s verry good


I was already in level 53 but I was back to the beginning all my money was gone! Please help me with this!!!!


Fun to play, used to love it, but sadly its turned into a money grab. I agree with all the recent negative comments. It also randomly takes any messages you have and dumps you back to the 1 day bonus, despite playing every day. It makes me angry so now I refuse to pay for anything. I may soon stop playing altogether.


Not at all happy with this app. after playing the first two cases the game demands access to your friends list. Your only asked for three names to "help" you however if you only do three names it refuses to go further. Scummy

Criminal Case

Love it. I have been playing this game for quite a few years now.


Love this app

Horrible update.

Getting rid of ways to get chips, orange juice and burgers is ruining a great game experience. I mean people pay to get things immediate. Why do you want people to pay your crazy prices to get burgers. And dont get me started on the stupid sticker book. I mean come on. Stupid.

Great Game

This is a great search and find game for everyone as well as being a game for everyone to keep your mind working.

Used to be alright

I see they deleted the complaints. Cover up. Game still a shadow of what it was before string of terrible updates


This game use to be soo good. Now it sucks without the ability to get burgers with your extra stars.

Fun game

Bring back burgers for stars at end of case!

Too many FB Postings in one game

Good game but your Facebook postings are ruining your following. 11 friends in this game have wiped it from their devices because of complaints from FB friends because of the number of postings it makes to FB during 1 bloody round. Wake up and smell the roses. Over advertising kills potential gamers.

Great Pastime

I enjoy this game and find it a very enjoyable pastime. I love the updates as well.


Why play each level 3 times. Elite mode... Collection mode... Redundant mode.. Each level should only have to be played once and then move on. I liked it at first but now that Ive had to play each level so many times, its boring...

Was better before the updates

This used to be a great game. Updates have taken away the chance to get burgers, chips, and OJs. Continuing to be Extremely disappointed.

Awesome game

I could play this game for hours.

Great game.

Well done. Awesome game

criminal case

best game ever. so addicting, hours of enjoyment!

Good game

This game is fun but, it was better with burgers chips and drinks as daily prizes. You should bring that back. Also, being able to buy burgers etc.with remaining stars. I have played very little since it has changed.

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