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Used to love this game but since the new update i hate it. Please bring back the ability to buy burgers with the now on the daily spin you can no longer win chips!!...also watch out the game unexpectedly will charge you without your consent.

Used to love it

I used to love playing the game, however the updates to change to "stickers" instead of energy earning burgers, or orange juice absolutely was a bad idea. Changing the daily bonus sucks. Some of us like to save that energy for later.

Good game but

Hate HATE THE LAST UPDATE!!! STICKERS ARE FOR KIDS!!! And NOW ALL THE EXTRA MONEY OPTIONS ARE GONE. F-USELESS!!!!!!!!!! ABSOLUTELY NO SUPPORT when there are problems. I have emailed them 3 times with NO REPLY besides the automatic one of "we will get back to you" And if you have a full bay of energy and the credits top up, you get nothing. Ditto for hint credits. You pay for 5 but never get 5.

childlike, still!

new update, still sucks! bet you wont publish this comment!

Breaking something that didnt need fixing again.

Yet again another update trashes a good thing. Gone are the bonuses that allow you to store energy for when you need it. It doesnt make me want to buy anything as it is all far too expensive. Keep it up and youll drive me completely away.

Know your audience

We all hate being asked for money soyou could lower to requests ther, but tweeting the game is adding insult to injury. There is a sticker add on, which is ridiculous...children collect stickers...has no place in this game, just annoys players!

Was good

Was a great game played all the time but now they got a stupid sticker book like who wants a sticker instead of a burger????? I hope they change it back!! My gosh the updates keep getting worse I was keeping this game hoping that they would change it back and now they have made it worse!!!

Wheres The Beef??

We finally get an update after the disastrous sticker pack fiasco and you still dont give us back our burgers? Apparently customer service isnt a priority to you. Every review was negative concerning the stickers and you still didnt change it back in this update. Very disappointed with an app Ive been playing for years.


This was the best game out there, but the past two updates have ruined it. No chance for free energy with burgers and chips, and the albums are totally pointless. Not good at all, go back to what was good about this game.

Game update

This game sucks now as there are no more burgers and only stupid worthless stickers!!!!! Also every time you replay the game it takes two to four times the energy which is ridiculous. You should be able to zip through the game if you have to play it twice - and now three times!!!! What the heck.....

This sucks

After this new update the game is stupid it totally mean I was all up at case 7 and now I am right back where I started it is so stupid I wish that I has never updated my game this sucks cause now I have to start all the way at the start in not sure that I want to play any more but this is stupid

What were you thinking with the recent changes???

I have been, admittedly, a CC addict. A few weeks ago you would have received 5 stars. Not now. I hoped when you did the recent upgrade you would fix the mess, but you didnt. The recent update which removed the option to exchange stars for Food energy is frustrating. It effectively cut back the reward for finishing scenes to the why bother arena. I never did see much of a point to doing the Elite Status, the rewards were not attractive enough. The addition of a boring sticker book (havent used sticker books since I was an 11 yr old girl) was no compensation. The lack of acknowledgement of the players loud and vocal objections to the recent changes is disappointing. Some good and welcomed upgrades would be to change back the exchange of stars for food, make the Elite status more attractive, get rid of the silly sticker book. Focus on developing more scenes and crimes. Or do you think that approach would not garner as much revenue for you from those willing to pay your exorbitant prices for energy/food etc.? Frankly it does feel like you did this recent change as a way of grabbing more money from loyal fans, vs continue to build on your revenue by attracting new players.

Getting worse!!!

Upgrades are supposed to improve the game

And I thought the last update was as bad as it could get

The developers have gone too far. You can no longer get any free energy. Not from the daily bonus. Can no longer use stars for orange juice (20 energy) or bags of chips (50 energy). Dont waste your time with this game. Latest update makes it a total dud. Wish I could give it negative stars


You took away the free energy to try to make people buy stickers to get energy, now you take away any option of energy without a cash purchase. Ive deleted this app and also blocked it on FB. Greed is a bad thing and you people are in it up to your ears.

Love this app, its so addicting!!


Last update was a money grab

The game is fun but the last update takes away the opportunity to collect oj,chips, and burgers. Now you have to buy them. Im considering deleting this game now. Im on case 38 now with the new update Im deleting this game. Its sad what some bad updates will do


Here again another app where I have to unfortunately delete soon because they dont even take consideration of what users are saying!! Really the safest thing to do is to change back the way it was in the beginning because now your stars are dropping 100-0 real quick.

Ok change can be different

However, give this game a chance.

Update was a bad decision

I agree with everyone else giving bad reviews because of the updates. Hopefully you learn from your mistake and change things back to the way they were

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