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Dear Developer, Please REALLY READ the reviews since your last two updates. It should be obvious that you have made changes to the game that are driving players away, myself included. What you do with the feedback from the reviews is up to you, but you shouldnt ignore them. Sincerely, Hopeful

Stop destroying this game!

Gave it one star because even though I love this game, the developers are doing everything possible to ensure that I quit playing it. First, the energy-refilling burgers disappeared in favor of stickers whose purpose I still havent figured out. Now the chips in the daily bonus are gone! If you want these treats, you better be prepared to pay. Stop ruining this great game! Read the other reviews. Nobody is happy with these updates.

Used to be a great game

I only write reviews if an app is really good or really bad and from the one star I gave this game you can see where this is going. The updates to this app have been horrendous. First they took away the option to buy food which you could use when you wanted for energy and replaced it with the choice to buy coins, energy to use immediately or to buy stickers. A sticker pack? Seriously? We are not five year olds collecting My Little Pony or Garbage Pail Kids stickers. I can maybe see if the stickers told some sort of backstory for the case you solved but it doesnt. Lame. Then they did an update that used to provide you with a drink or a bag of chips that you could store to use and replaced it with immediate energy. I see that the developers dont like food hoarding. So this app USED to be great and USED to fun to play but the updates really killed it. My sister in law had turned me on to this game and I in turn passed it on to some friends but we are all now tossing in our investigation badges and moving on. Developer greed is an app killer.

Love this game and not complaining

Love this game is like CSI lol


Very cool game!

Great game

I love the game and it keeps your mind working at my age

I hate this

I feel like a little girl playing for stickers. Are you kidding me? The game was fun when you had something to look forward to. Now, one star takes up what 200 energy and you cant even get more food if you play longer.. And even if you try the stickers... One pack gives you 2 good ones and the others are repeats.. I am sure I will not play as much as I used too.. Already looking for a replacement. At least NCIS had editor choices.. I may try that one instead .. Shame on the greedy people !


Now that you make if more difficult to get extra energy it takes longer to finish a chapter. With the stickers not everyone has access to the Internet to open the sticker packs. We should be able to open them without the internet.

Developers have ruined this game

The updates to this game are upsetting. The developers want you to purchase upgrades so they have removed any way to earn upgrades as you play. Burgers, chips, and OJ used to be bought with stars. Now you can only get stickers, which are stupid and have no value. Dont waste your time with this game.

Recent changes

Used to be very fun and worthwhile for what it was. These very recent changes are an obvious effort to make $$$. FB has a TON of negative feedback, all of which I agree.

Dont bother

I used to love this game. When you completed a scene, you used to be able to buy hamburgers, orange juice and potato chips with the stars you earned during the game, and use them to play longer in the next scene. Now the developers think were all in elementary school, and offer stickers! You can buy energy, but only 200 points worth, instead of the 360 you could get buying hamburgers in one scene and eating them in the next. New players will be extremely frustrated.


I wish we could give negative stars. This new update is TERRIBLE!!! All you want us to do is spend more money. The stickers are ridiculous, you now give energy instead of chips for the daily bonus & the "rewards" for the collected cards are a joke (you cant save them to use when you want you have to use them the nest time you play). WAS my favorite game

Buuuuuuullllll crap

Changing my rating. I USED to love this game before all the ridiculous changes. If you want more energy go change your internal clock on your phone. It will also take you ahead the three days to unlock a case. Take your energy down to 0 and never click to activate your tasks. Put your clock back and reenter the app. Then click your tasks and start over again. Screw you for taking our burgers!

Criminal case game fun has few disappoints and good too

The reward to collect is confusion gotten almost no orange juices?? Need fix that. Friends mailbox send gifts or received is diminishing?? Not much. I wondered. Other than that I play to pass time. Thanks


Im so sad about this new update who cares for sticker books this is not a 3rd grader game but more for and older matured crowd please put this game back to the way it was I love my free drinks and chips and burgers when I finished the chapter or else it will stay at one star previously it was 5 stars ! Its pissing me off more that still you guys havent put this game back the way it was if I can remove that one star I would ! Once Im done with all my bonuses Im calling it quits ... Final warning

This game has gone downhill recently

It seems like the developers are money hungry at this point. Making changes to force players to spend their hard earned money on buying more energy. You can no longer get "perks" that matter for free in this game. Its really a shame that greed has ruined a game that used to be very enjoyable to play. Dont bother with this.......

Awful and childish!

The two latest updates have destroyed the game! Who wants to play for stickers?! Why change what was a fun game and turn it into something that is immature?

Too greedy now

This was the best game ever! Now the last update took away all of the burgers for energy- now this one took away the energy it gave from the cards that take Forever to collect!! So disappointed! And I didnt mind spending a dollar here and there with this game before- now I will not spend a dime because of how terrible you made this game! Greedy greedy people

Used to be 5 stars

1. I dont like how the Lucky Cards changed to pointless stuff for me instead of how it was previously (xp, coins, energy). 2. The stickers idea is just awful and unnecessary. 3. The daily rewards have changed and Im 50/50 about that. 4. The free energy for watching an ad isnt a bad thing but sometimes the ad doesnt work and the game kind of freezes after that. 5. After this recent update, this game is taking 1.1gb of space on my phone and I have little memory left and I know there must be other people who have the same issue

New Update is Horrible

This game was a great game to play before. Helped to sharpen the mind with memory and hand eye coordination. Now it is a joke. The energy needed to play the game replenishes slowly and you used to be able to gain some by exchanging stars for food items. Nope. Not now. All gone. You also used to be able to collect you daily bonus and use the food item when you want. Nope. Not anymore. I realize its all about the money for you app developers, but actions like this DRIVE people away from the games. I feel this game will soon be deleted if it doesnt get changed back.

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