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New to game

Hidden objects are not difficult to find. Ran out of stars quickly and takes time to earn more stars. OK if you have some time to play, but not too challenging.

Its pretty fun

Gonna miss the older versions that let you farm snacks though.

Criminal Case after update: thumbs down

This game used to be fun, but since they took away food for energy in exchange for earning stars, and replaced it with stickers, I wont play anymore. 20 energy is too much for 1 gameplay. If youre going to force players into BUYING energy with real money only, then youre going to lose players.



Criminal case

Application très sympa

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The best, recomendo !

Die Story ist die Motivation

Ja so sieht das aus


Ive been playing this game for over a year now, before the recent upgrade it would have gotten five stars, however since the upgrade there is no longer burgers to exchange for those extra stars (that I waste energy to get). Unfortunately I dont find it as enjoyable to play anymore, and if the burgers dont come back Im done playing.

Criminal case

I love this game and have played all the cases.I am now at the last one and cannot open it anymore.Please fix it soon

Bring back hamburgers

I spent many hours playing this game. Since the update, I deleted it. I dont want to get stickers for my 3 stars. Bring back the 3 star hamburgers!

Crime game review.

As long as the violence is kept to a minimum its ok with me and the language should be clean or deleted where you can. I know thugs dont care what language they use. This should remain as a family game. Can we buy burgers with stars?

This could really be better

Once you get through the first time, the second time should be quicker and easier as it is boring enough doing it twice. The time and energy it takes is ridiculous!!!! On top of that why would I ever pay the stupid amount of money this games wants for the burgers, chips or juice???? Am I stupid!!!!

Great game but dont update

Love the game but I give the new update a 1 star its useless and I want to collect burgers after a crime, not pick up stupid stickers. Bring back the burgers!!!!!

Latest update sucks

Really enjoyed playing the game and always completed each level for reward of burgers. Latest update now gives stupid stickers. Leave the stickers to kids games. Not sure I will ever bother to finish another level.

Excellent game !

Genius game and it really keep you busy :)


Hate new update!!! Seriously stupid that you have taken away any hope of free energy!! What a rip off!

Are you kidding me?! :<

Seriously with all of the bad reviews after the last update because you took away the option for trading stars for burgers, now you take away the orange juice and chips from daily bonuses and card trades?!!! I get that the game needs funds to support itself, make profit etc, but maybe if you lowered your ridiculous prices people would buy more food. $7 for a burger?!!! I can buy a real burger for less than that! If burgers were 50 cents you would probably sell a million a day. Taking away peoples ability to get food through game play isnt going to make them pay for it, its just going to make the quit.

Updates are getting worse

The last update took away the chance to trade in stars for burgers and gave useless stickers. Now the most recent update took away the chips and OJs as things you can trade in with Lucky Cards. The developers seem to be slowly taking away all free chances to get food. I will never purchase food or stickers. Extremely disappointed.

Not as fun after the last 2 updates

Like a lot of people Ive been playing this game for almost two years now. The other update with removing the burger option with the extra starts is stupid. And now changing the daily bonus so you dont get chips anymore! Wtf! I would rather have a burger I could use when I want then get 50 energy right away. Especially when close to the next level because if you hit that it refills back to 110. Nope dont like it!

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