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On top of the change to go to stickers take the chips and juice out of daily bonus the game is full of glitches and slow as can be. I have played this game a lot and have enjoyed it until now. I can get past the changes to the bonuses etc. The glitches make this game unplayable. Please fix asap.

Rubbish update

Removing the burger as reward is ok, but changing it to stick or rubbish card is bs. With the new update is just get more rubbisher than ever. The developer is obviously after the money and not player satisfaction.

Still love the game changes are disappointing though

I love the game. Just started Pacific Bay and am loving loving the new cast of characters. While not that happy about the new updates, stickers and changing the cards and daily bonus, I still enjoy the game and can understand why they would need to change things to make money for the game. Its a disappointment but I dont mind buying energy now and then and who knows maybe theyll give rewards for the stickers. I think its worth it to keep playing for now.

going down hill fast

This used to be an awesome game but with the last couple updates I have lost interest fast. Adding stickers was a great idea if you had left them JUST for the collectors mode. Taking away chips, orange juice and burgers was a bad idea. I can no longer play as much or earn trophies as I do not have facebook and will not purchase energy. I believe you will lose your customers,

New version quite disappointing

Out of the blue, the developers changed the rules of the game and imposed "rewards" like a silly sticker album and removed the option of obtaining and saving imaginary orange juices, potatoes and burgers that one could exchange for energies, as needed, according to each player own strategy. I have also heard of problems with the imaginary pet stores. On the positive side of this disaster, now I waste less time playing. Thats why I give Pretty Simple 2 stars.

Stop asking all friends for reports

You keep asking us for reports to all are friends I have over 180 friends I do not need to ask for reports to all 788 friends some dont like that so only make us ask for reports from crminal case friends only


I loved this game until the GREEDY DEVELOPERS decided to take away our ability to buy 3 burgers (worth 120 points each) at the end of each case with stars we collected. Now we can get STICKERS THAT ARE GOOD FOR NOTHING. HELLO!! IM NOT 5 YEARS OLD! Obviously its a cheap ploy to get people to spend more money!! Bring back our burgers or I wont play anymore nor will the thousands of people in my group who started a petition about this injustice!! GREED!! Plain and simple!! The developers should be ashamed of themselves turning off loyal players around the world!! LATEST UPDATE TODAY MAY 11 ---> NOW THEYVE TAKEN AWAY OUR LAST WAY OF GETTING FREE CHIPS AND OJ BY CHANGING THE CARDS!!! IM SO DONE WITH THIS GAME!!! FROM A GREAT GAME TO A LOUSY ONE IN TWO GREED FILLED UPDATES!! GOODBYE CRIMINAL CASE. TO THE GREEDY PEOPLE THAT ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE LAST 2 UPDATES-> YOUVE MADE A HUGE MISTAKE BY TAKING AWAY ANY INCENTIVES THAT MADE THE GAME FUN! SO VERY DISAPPOINTED.


It runs out of life way too fast and want ur money

Delete this game

Criminal case betrayed all its loyal fans with its new updates. They lied to us when they released the updates saying they were only fixing minor bugs. What they did was erase years of devoted play building up card collections and energy. And they dont even care. There is no press release, no comments on Facebook. They just dont care.

Rubbish updates!!!!!!

This latest update is complete rubbish. Almost the only way to play now is by paying the greedy developers obscene amounts if cold hard cash. I wont spend a penny on this trash heap of a game and Ill certainly not recommend it to anyone. If you are reading this wondering if you should get this game, let me save you the headache - DONT GET THIS GAME!!!!

Cant zoom in

I cant zoom in after the last update and it is making it really hard to play from phones. If you dont have a tablet dont download it.


İyi oyun


Thats a second time Im comming back to this game. Addictive.

Extra , excellent.

I recommend this game is very good !!

Criminal Case

Super ! Interesting & Funny ... YOU Should Try !


Every time it gets worse. These prices for card trading are just miserable.

Bel gioco

Bel gioco


Molto avvolgente ed intrigante

Used to love this game

Loved this game, but theyve changed the reward system, the daily specials, and added stupid sticker packs. Very disappointed.

Nice Try

I was excited to see that the game was finally updated; then I started playing. What a huge disappointment! The developers are completely driven by their own greed. I guess they really dont want their loyal players to continue playing their game. Please bring the old versions back. If that doesnt happen the game will be deleted. Very disappointing!

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