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Used to be 5 stars

Been playing this game for over a year. The latest few up dates, with the lame sticker pack, ridiculous!!! Were "hunting killers" to get a sticker pack?! This isnt a kids game. Bring back the energy we could get with the stars!!!

Great App

This App is so much fun , you just dont want to stop. Im very disappointed with this game. I spent a lot of money on it and they erased all my purchases back to square one. I feel Ike Ive been robbed.

Great game, change it back

Love the game. But the recent update, not liking it with the stickers..

Like the game a lot

I have to agree that trading energy for stickers is disappointing but Ill still play every day

I love it

Fun mini games, good stories and I just love hidden pictures to find. Its challenging! Try it!


Im addicted to this game and Ive only had it for about a montage and a half. All of the twists and surprises makes me feel like Im on a TV show or an actual cop!

Great game

This is a great game. It is really intriguing. I like solving crimes.

Revised review!!!

I previously gave the game only one star in my last review with the last couple of disappointing updates… HOWEVER... I am revising that review. This game is tremendously fun and that is just the reality of it! Yes, I am disappointed that you no longer get the food prizes and the stickers are silly...but there are so many ways that they give you additional energy that you can still play close to what it was before the updates. (bonus from friends - videos - energy stored from previously played games and the hamburger you get at the end of each case) You save it up and use it just like you did with the food. For instance… when you get the free energy from your friends start saving that up to use it whenever you choose. I have collected in a very short time a several hundred of those bonuses. They also give you more ads to watch than they ever did before which gives you 20 energy every time you watch. You can save the energy rewards from a completed game and use it for any other game that you want to play. And, if you have a dog that gives you energy thats a huge help as well. You can play this game absolutely free and have a blast if you can just have a little bit of patients to store the bonus energy. My only real disappointment is that the rewards you now get from the cards is not great. So here I am...admitting that I was too quick to judge when I gave it only one star the last time I wrote a review. I really do enjoy this game every single day and I will continue to play. It is a really fun and great game!

To catch a criminal.

Love this game. For me its a great stress reliever. Play it everyday.

Great game!!!! Entertaining!

Excellent game!! Keeps you entertained and interested! And it doesnt rip you off like some of those casino games!!! It can be a little long when it gets into the "additional investigation" phase.

Crimson case

Great game! Entertaining. Like the hidden objects games.

Recent update

Love the game. But the new sticker album is sooooo sooooo pointless. PLEASE get rid of it. Who in their right mind would buy sticker packets to complete chapters? Who CARES?! So now our rewards for completing cases arent very useful. 20 energy (which is lame), 10,000 coins (eh ok sure), or a stupid sticker pack.

Good game

I like the game. It is really the only game I play, so its one of my treats to myself when I have a few minutes to relax. I do not like the recent change of acquiring stickers instead of food for energy.

Unable to connect to Facebook

I got logged out Facebook and lost the connection between Criminal Case and Facebook. When I try to reconnect, it tells me "Connection Failed. Please try again." I have been trying for three days. Ive done everything suggested on the support page -- logged out of Facebook, uninstalled and reinstalled both Facebook and Criminal Case, force closed both apps, etc. and the connection still fails. Tried contacting Pretty Simple via email and got a generic email stating that I should check the support page and that I would get no other response. Sadly, this issue is not addressed on the support page. Anyone else have this issue, and if so, how can it be fixed?

I finished the 2nd case but..

I loved to play this game in my spare time but had to stop playing when I finished the 2nd case. My facebook is deactivated and its asking to invite 3-4 friends to continue to the 3rd case to continue. I do not want to activate my facebook and i dont want to spend money, (you guys already ask to buy a lot of things and this is just the cherry on top.) Uninstalled, sorry.

What everyone else said!!!

Love playing this game, but Ive lost a lot of friends who play because of the changes. Go back to giving burgers instead of stickers. Thats the only way we get to play extra time!!

Very good hidden object game

I have played for quite awhile now. The format is a bit repetitive at this point but still interesting and fun. I have played for free. The 3 day wait others complain about doesnt affect me because you can play the case you just solved all over again(and it takes about 3 days). The update replacing food(energy) for stickers is lame. Unless completing a sticker album gives you a reward of a boatload of food?


Refer a friend for 100 energy? Not anymore "Minor fixes and tweaks"!!! No, what you did was continue to tick off your loyal players/money spenders. Thanks for continuing to ruin this game. Its worth it to me to keep rerating this game as a one star until its returned to the great game it once was. Proud to say I havent spent one cent on this game since the changes. Used to, now I dont. Nice work.

Glitchy AF

I hate putting just one star, because I love to play this game. However, it is beyond glitchy. I made a one time $.99 purchase, and never received what I paid for. Glad I didnt spend more than $.99! The other issue is, I have played each level from beginning to end, including elite mode. In 3 levels, it has not given me my rings, even though I earned them. I went to the "contact us" section, filled everything out, and hit send. What I received back was an email notification advising there is zero customer support, and to go to a forum for my answer. I could not find an answer to any of my questions. Absolutely ridiculous.

Its alright

I dont usually play games like these but its kept my interest.

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